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About Us:
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Our Mission:
Can We Compete?
"Hugh's attention to detail and great  
service is why Total Business Supply
is always our first call"
-Law Offices of John D. Spear, P.A.
"They are very proficient and always
reliable with products and pricing."
-Merencia P. @ Charter Schools USA
How can TBS compete with
the "box stores"?

We buy from the same manufacturers
and wholesalers as the chain stores.
The key difference is that we can operate
effectively with comparatively very low
overhead.  They also sell only what's in
their warehouse while losing sight of a
customer's needs.  We focus on what
keeps your business running smoothly
while helping you control your costs.

  "The question truly is...                   Can
they compete with us?"
Total Business Supply LLC. is a locally owned and operated company
devoted to the business community of Southern Florida.  Our product
knowledge and purchasing experience combined  with a more     
personalized service approach is the core of our success.  This is also
what makes TBS an economical as well as intelligent "one stop" for all
your business needs.  Service and savings is what we are all about!   
TBS of Florida believes that low prices and exceptional customer service should      
be a standard as it relates to business supplies and services.  We know there      
are many choices for office products, so we value our customers by taking pride in
our service while keeping our pricing consistently low.  Our relationship with the
manufacturers and their national distribution networks enable TBS to leverage it's
buying power to deliver at a below-market price to you.  Providing competitive pricing
without compromise of great service or product availability, is our guarantee.
"Their service is impeccable! You
order one day and get it the next!  
They have very low prices.  
They are the BEST!"        
-Alana H. @ City of Bonita Springs